Sea of Colour

There are times when you really engage with your work, more than usual. I’ve been privileged to make a couple of short films about a piece of art that’s currently on display at IHQ in London. It’s a beautiful piece of art called ‘Sea of Colour'(see description below the video), which depicts the many children’s lives lost whilst trying to escape the war zone that is Syria. When you’re a parent, stories like this really bring home the value of your life and that of your children. I cannot imagine being so scared that I would pack a carrier bag, drag my family to the shores of the sea and then attempt to cross with 50 or so other scared families in a boat designed for less than half that amount. Knowing the risk of death but feeling that it’s worth the risk.

Anyway, here’s one of the films and interviews with the artist Güler Ates. I called the music ‘The Sea of Colour Adagio’

Sea of Colour – The Story from Salvation Army IHQ on Vimeo.

Güler Ates – the artist who was commissioned to create ‘Sea of Colour’ for Stations of the Cross 2016, which now hangs in the window of The Salvation Army’s international headquarters – used unwanted and discarded children’s clothing to draw comparisons between Jesus’ suffering on the way to the Cross and the suffering today of refugees across the world. Organisers of the project felt that having this work at IHQ was particularly appropriate because of the assistance provided by The Salvation Army to refugees and other forgotten people around the world. Kevin Sims from IHQ Communications speaks to Güler about her inspiration and her own experiences. See also


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